Overheard in Washington 

The Monumental Egyptians 

This morning on my walk to work in DC from the metro station I got caught up in an extra large gaggle of pre-teen kids on a school trip. As I tried to get past them like a salmon swimming upstream, I overheard two boys talking to each other. 
Boy 1: I only know one of the monuments in Washington, it’s the one that’s all pointy on top. 

Boy 2: Uh, you mean the Washington monument?

Boy 1: That can’t be the Washington monument, it’s Egyptian! 


Boy 2: Well I don’t know anything about it being Egyptian, but that’s the Washington monument.

The other boy seemed unconvinced. 

I can only assume that by “Egyptian,” he meant a pyramid … Which the Washington Monument is not, but I guess it’s in the family of an obelisk. 

They were young enough that I give them a pass for their lack of knowledge on the matter. I hope they enjoyed the trip and got to see many varieties of monuments.