Skymall – These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

The Skymall catalog never fails to entertain, especially around the holidays. In keeping with “Oprah’s favorite things” and holiday gift guides, here are a few of my favorite things. Need any last minute gift ideas
Who are the pierogi lovers on my gift list – identity yourselves!
Surely someone needs the $1000 pet serenity pod. What cat wouldn’t be soothed by this?
Recently I learned that you can finally buy underoos in adult sizes. You’re going to need something to do while sporting your Wonder Woman undernancies, so why not pair them with an adult sized, riding bouncy ball? I loved the one I had when I was a kid.
Note: it comes in plush versions as well (called “Adult Plush Balls,” seriously), though the riding hot dog appears to only come in kid size. I had a riding ketchup bottle as a child, would have paired beautifully with the weiner.
Now when will someone come out with the adult version of the sit and spin?
This next item appears to basically be a hot tub that doesn’t use electricity and presumably doesn’t have bubbles but I’ll be honest I didn’t read the fine print.
But why does it remind me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons when he is captured by cannibals and they put him in a big pot over an open fire and add some carrot coins so they can make a soup?
Here is an item that answers the question that no one asked, namely why aren’t I relaxing in a personal ‘altered states’ cocoon? That costs $15,000.
Yes, yes, I’m sure this is so comfortable, “you’ll want to wear it everywhere.” I’d like to see this lady at the bank, grocery store, church etc wearing this. Especially with the “privacy hood” engaged.
For the bean bag enthusiast, giant bean bags in the shape of fruits. BUT BEANS ARE NOT INCLUDED. What kind of bulls**t is that, Skymall? Am I supposed to gift this with a wheelbarrow full of kidney beans?
Did I mention superhero underpants? Now you can up the ante with superhero jammies and bathrobes for adults! Nothing says sexy like a one piece Batman pajama with “cosplay hood.” That, or a dude in a “soft kitten” robe.
Everyone’s tastes are different, but if a man were to greet me in the bedroom in a Ninja Turtle pj set, complete with eye mask, that would be a deal-breaker for me. I’d have to return him to his mother, and give them the name of a good therapist. Happy shopping!

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