I estimate I’m about 5 years old in this photo and my brother, 3. We are as you can see, dressed as a cat and mouse. The occasion was Halloween. My mom made kickass homemade Halloween costumes.  (princess, crocodile, belly dancer)


I remember that kitty costume, and the reflective stickers we stuck on it for safety (I’ve always been a safety girl). We reinforced paper grocery bags for optimum candy collection.

This photo was taken in front of our rental house in Bricktown, NJ. It was in a sort of isolated location on a main road, not really a residential area. Our nearest neighbor was a bank, so I don’t remember exactly where we went trick or treating.

My brother’s mouse costume was a hand-me-down – my Mom had sewn it for my debut in the Nutcracker at the Russian school that I attended on Saturdays. A grand dame named Nina was our instructor – in the old country she had been a ballerina, and even in her 70s she was still lithe and regal, firmly teaching us the choreography and yelling RAZ, VA, TREE – one, two, three in Russian – and stomping her feet. I remember well her bright orange lipstick and a black scarf holding her hair back.

At any rate, my brother looks a little dubious, or maybe he was just anxious to commence the candy gathering. It’s never too late to start planning your next costume.



TB39 – Day 8 Halloweenies


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