Here is Thursday’s post, a little bit late, but I’ve been running behind my entire life. Remind me to ask my mom if I was born on time, my guess is no. But I’m also impatient so I might have wanted to get a jump on things.

Here is a childhood pic of me looking none too happy, my guess is I was impatiently waiting for something. Or maybe I didn’t want my photo taken, or I didn’t want to wear the balloon shirt that day. Maybe I wanted the white plastic poodle barrettes instead of the red bows …Or maybe I’m upset that my noggin is so big? We may never know.

Kid pic balloons

In my experience, everyone has at least one photo from their kiddom of them with a farbissina punim, or sour face. My husband has a photo of him on a camping trip holding a banana, with an evil look on his face like he has just been mightily wronged – we call that look “Banana Face.”

Those of you with kids, I bet you have some priceless pics of your kids with their best sour pusses. Here’s to the banana face.


TB39 – Day 6


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