Just the other day I was telling someone the story of a momentous trip from Fort Lauderdale to Manhattan with my lovely friends Erin and Lavinia. It’s one of my most favorite travel memories – it involved these elements –

Erin was working for Don King Enterprises on a boxing match. Work was paying for her hotel room, so Vin and I flew up to stay with her, gratis.

She had been given some gifts/perks that we could take advantage of – $400 in Palm gift cards (this was like 15 years ago so that money went a bit farther), free tickets to a Broadway show.

We decided to complete the stereotypical NYC experience with a romantic carriage ride through Central Park, just us 3 gals (I know, they are terrible for the horses but I didn’t really realize that at the time) – and drinks at the Plaza hotel.

NYC w: Erin & Vin

They served trail mix in pretty little silver dishes, and I sent mine back because it didn’t have enough raisins in it. Stuffed full of lobsters, martinis and champagne, I had a bitch moment, sue me.

We also went dancing at a club and had (more) drinks at the Algonquin hotel, but that was in honor of Dorothy Parker. Vin and Erin, I will always cherish this memory and you will always be part of my Vicious Circle!


TB39 – Day 3 – Take this trail mix away, garcon


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