In honor of Oscar Sunday and celebrating good performances, I share with you these memories – of my high school musical theater career.

Some of you in the mid-NJ area may recall my heart-rending portrayal sophomore year of ‘Chief Sitting Bull’ in Annie Get Your Gun. I tried to bring the appropriate gravitas (and maleness) to the role.

Freshman year, our school did ‘Broadway Memories’, a wrap up of favorite melodies from various plays. I’m pretty sure my trio brought down the house with our lively rendition of ‘Matchmaker’ from Fiddler on the Roof. At least I think I wore a cute apron. And I still remember most if the words.

At any rate, I want to thank my family who always supported me and came to my performances – to my friends who made the experience of being in a play that much more fun, you really do become like a family – and to the crew, parents and community members who did everything from building sets, sewing costumes and giving of their time.

There’s no business like show business!



#TB39 – day 2


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